Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

Finance Mergers Acquisitions

We offers a comprehensive portfolio of professional expertise designed to help organisations perform at the highest possible level.

To provide these benefits, we:

  • Translate findings into recommendations that improve deals;
  • Offer solutions to issues that arise during negotiations; and
  • Provide market intelligence to quantify opportunities, exposure, risks and competitive threats.

These benefits are made available to our clients by making use of the following Sithole resources:
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Valuations; and
  • Due diligence reviews.
Our expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions is driven by our track record of success when consulting to the first Black economic empowerment initiative to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Fundamental to our view of Black empowerment deals is the creation of black capacity and capabilities.

In an increasingly socio-politically driven economy, for a successful empowerment deal to be concluded and benefit gained, the multiplier effect must be measured and demonstrated according to the following:

  • Significant black equity shareholding;
  • Opertional involvement;
  • Effective managerial influence and decision making; and
  • Measurable skills transfer. 
 We provide interim professional expertise in the field of mergers and acquisitions to guide clients through these transactions.