O&O AutoBackup 5: - Professional Edition

Auto Backup
Automatic synchronization of backup copies of your files and folders.

O&O AutoBackup can backup files and folders quickly and automatically. For example, if a user wants to backup their photos and videos onto an external USB stick then O&O AutoBackup not only copies the original files but also any future 
changes made to the files and/or directories. 

The backup process will start automatically whenever a removable device such as a USB Stick is connected to the computer. The files are copied exactly and put on the target disk so that they can also be accessed without O&O AutoBackup using the normal Windows Explorer.

This functionality is especially useful for users who until now have been afraid of using data backup software because it was too complicated or involved high maintenance. The coupling of the backup start with connecting a backup device 
to the computer allows the user to make a backup exactly when he needs it, for example immediately after importing photos and videos from a digital camera.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive and enables users with just a few clicks to set up a backup and thus reliable protection of their data against data loss due to accidental deletion or virus attack. 

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Auto Backup

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Automatic synchronization of backup copies of your files and folders